Welcome to my little treehouse.

I’m Heather. I love languages, and I spend most of my free time on practicing the ones I already know, and the ones I’m learning – reading, writing, memorising new words, hunting for new resources and sometimes making them myself.

This is where I talk about all the things I do that are perhaps a tad too nerdy for my family and IRL friends (but hopefully – not for you).

(Wait, what happened to the Malaysian Polyglot?)

The Study

This is where I share my strategies and methods for language learning, as well as reviews for my favourite resources.

The Attic

Where all my ramblings and useless musings go. Some entries are written in English, others in Mandarin and Korean.

The Shed

I sometimes translate things for fun. It’s called the shed, because I see translation as the act of taking apart words and reassembling them into new forms.

The Shop

I like creating things, and this is my little etsy shop where I sell the language resources I’ve made.

The Library

My solo book club. I love reading, though I don’t do it as often as I’d like to. When I feel the urge to talk about a book I’ve just read, this is where I go.