Does Multilingualism Result in Multiple Personalities?

There is a Czech proverb that goes like this, “Learn a new language and get a new soul.”

The idea that different languages confer different personalities has been around for a long time, and many researchers have tried to verify this theory. Studies have been conducted to examine the effects of bilingualism on one’s behaviours and worldview, and some of them yielded very interesting insights.

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A Guide to Bilingual Reading

As a bookworm, reading has always been one of my favourite ways to study a foreign language. It exposes you to natural, high-quality writing in your target language, which is important if you want to improve your writing skills. There is also a lot of variety when it comes to the content, because you can find books for literally every topic under the sun.

One of the most effective methods I’ve found so far is ‘bilingual reading’. It is essentially reading two versions of the same book simultaneously – one in your target language, and one in your native language. It works great at intermediate level (B1 onwards), when you already have a pretty solid grasp of the basic grammar and need to accumulate more vocabulary in order to be able to read with ease in your target language.

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