Improving My Korean Writing Skills via a Book Club

Writing is extremely important when it comes to language learning, because, like speaking, it is how you communicate with native speakers, and communication is kind of the whole point of acquiring a new language. Most people start small with things like writing their memos or keeping a journal in their target language.

As you progress, however, you might move on to more challenging exercises. You can start a blog and review things. You can write essays or stories and post them online. There is an endless list of things you can do when it comes to improving your writing skills, but what I’m about to suggest is perfect if you’re:

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How I Learned to Write in English through Text Roleplaying

If you don’t know what text roleplaying is, it is basically collaborative story-telling, where several people, each writing from the perspective of their own character, create a story together.  It can be done over instant messaging apps and in chat rooms, although the more organised ones are usually found on online forums.

Here’s an example of what text roleplaying looks like. Let’s say I’m playing a character named Lisa, and the story takes place in a middle school. I might start with a post like this:

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Learning English via Adventure Games

I want to begin this by saying that you don’t have to be an avid gamer to enjoy this. I’m not much of a gamer myself, yet my limited experience with gaming has done nothing to diminish the joy I was able to derive from these story-based adventure games. They don’t take much to get into, I can promise you that, so if you clicked on this thinking you don’t know enough about gaming to make much use of these games, hear me out.

So what are adventure games? They are, quite simply, story-based games with a central plot that plays out in several episodes (not unlike TV shows). Players get to explore the story as the protagonist and influence the plot via certain actions and dialogue choices. It’s a bit like watching movies that you can interact with.

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