Je suis malade – 思念成疾

我不再做梦也不再抽烟成了一个没有故事的人没有你的我是何其龌龊丑陋像被遗忘的孤儿 我已生无可恋生命结束于你离去的那一天终日行尸走肉就连床也化作了月台在你远走之后 思念成疾已经无药可医如儿时夜里母亲离去留下我一人与绝望相依 思念成疾如今已回天无力不知你何时归来更不知你往何处去已经过去两年你依然毫不在意 我纠缠着你如倔强的岩石如难以摆脱的罪恶*如今已精疲力尽不愿在人前故作开心 我夜夜买醉可所有的威士忌喝在嘴里都是一个味而所有的船只都挂着你的旗帜我已无处可去目及所处皆是你 思念成疾已经无药可医我以热血浇灌你的身体如死去的小鸟一般悄然无息你却若无其事地沉沉睡去 思念成疾如今已回天无力你夺走了我所有的歌曲还要掏空我所有的话语在深陷你之前我也曾一度才华洋溢 再这样下去这份爱将要了我的命我将独自一人死去在收音机旁像个无知的孩子听着自己的声音吟唱 “思念成疾已经无药可医如儿时夜里母亲离去留下我一人与绝望相依…” 思念成疾啊是的,我已病入膏肓因为你我无法再歌唱因为你我无法再说话我的心已病入膏肓四面楚歌无处可逃 你听到了吗?我已病入膏肓 Original Je ne rêve plusJe ne fume plusJe n’ai même plus d’histoireJe suis sale sans toiJe suis laide sans toiComme une orpheline dans un dortoirJe n’ai plus envieDe vivre ma vieMa vie cesse quand tu parsJe n’ai plus de vieEt même mon litSe […]

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Emotions, in 3 Languages

I’ve always found it curious how differently languages define emotions. Emotions, generally speaking, are universal – yet so many multilingual speakers would tell you that some are near impossible to translate.

Throughout my years of studying foreign languages, I have come across a lot of words that I find difficult to translate – at least, concisely. They range from abstract concepts to concrete objects, but none fascinates me like those pertaining to human emotions.

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A Language Learner’s Guide to Pen Pals

Writing letters has always been one of
my favourite things to do. As a language learner, I find it to be one of the
most effective ways to practice my target language. It is essentially writing
exercise, vocabulary revision, reading comprehension practice and cultural
exchange rolled into one.

If you’re old-fashioned like me, snail mail would be right up your alley. But if you prefer something more fast-paced, you might want to start with email.

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