Welcome to the ‘Dallergut Dream Department Store’

In a mysterious town that lies hidden in our collective subconscious, there’s a quaint little store where all kinds of dreams are sold. Day and night, visitors from all over the world shuffle in sleepily in their pajamas, lining up to purchase their latest adventure. That’s the premise of Dallergut’s Dream Department Store (달러구트 꿈 […]

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7 Naver Webtoons for Studying Korean

Reading webtoons has to be one of my favourite ways to study Korean, and I mostly use them for light reading alongside heavier, more advanced novels. The vocabulary you get out of them is very different from that you would expect from a novel, though, because unlike novels, comics do not rely on lengthy descriptions to establish settings and describe actions. It’s also more dialogue-driven. As such, you’ll end up learning words and phrases that people actually use in daily conversations. You’ll probably pick up some slangs, too.

The pictures also provide contextual clues, which will help you decipher at least half of what is being said, even when there are a lot of words you don’t know. So if you’re looking for something fun (and lighter than a novel) to practice reading comprehension with, webtoons should be perfect for you.

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Korean Youtube Channels: My Personal Recommendations

It really is a blessing to be learning languages in 2020. There are interesting, entertaining videos in all sorts of languages on Youtube, and never has it been this easy to access native content in our target languages. The tricky part is finding the ones that suit our needs. This is especially true for intermediate learners, who find themselves in a position where they’ve outgrown the boring textbook dialogues, but are not yet advanced enough to understand content targeted at native speakers without some help.

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